Tuesday, November 22, 2005

You have to start somewhere

Hello. My name is Alicia Ashby, and I like crap.

Good crap, silly crap, all kinds of crap. Comics, cartoons, movies, TV, folklore, all the assorted flotsam and jetsam people generate to entertain, enlighten, and influence each other on mass scale. I write about one such form of crap, video games, for a living, and in time hope to write about other forms of crap.

Please don't confuse my use of 'crap' with a pejorative attitude toward this stuff. We sadly don't have a term that fits well enough; certainly it's not quite the same as fine art or literature, but it carries too much significance to simply not be taken seriously. I suppose I could call it "stuff" instead, but that doesn't quite capture the geeky zeitgeist of our affection for these creations of mass media. It's our crap, and we love it.

I have a LiveJournal that I update sporadically with personal ramblings. Now I shall update this blog irregularly with observations about the forms of mass entertainment that most interest me on a personal level, and my own thoughts about the content and technical writing merits of such forms. You could fairly call it pretentious bullshit, but I hope you're too interested in what I'm saying to notice.


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