Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fuck the 90's

My God, an update?!

Hey, I made this blog for venting pretentious Deep Thoughts about comics and stories and things that weren't really suited to casual conversation or my LJ. If you're somehow reading this, then you'll just have to deal with it.

So, my thought today: why does everybody hate the 90's?

Seriously, a bunch of the 90's comics publishers have radically mutilated their characters to make them less 90's. DC has gone to ridiculous lengths to obliterate just about everything the company did in the 90's without a trace. Marvel seems sort of embarrassed about the whole thing and tends to pretend like they didn't release anything between 1990 and 2000.


When I was reading comics in the 90's as a whipper-snapper, the industry seemed convinced that it was at its peak. Nobody could pretend to be embarrassed about the 80's, as that gave us Dark Knight and Watchmen, but man did comics otherwise seem convinced that they were producing the bestest, most diverse, most radical comics ever. Oh, sure, earlier decades produced their okay comics, but 90's comics had all that stuff and were also totally better. A lot of them seem hilariously dated in retrospect, but no more so than your typical 80's, 70's, or 60's book. In some ways a lot less so, there's actually some resemblance between a modern comic and a 90's book.

Then you go on the intarbutts, and it seems like the worst thing a poster can say about a book or a comic or anything at all is that it's so very dreadfully 90's. How dare that decade exist! To hell with everything published then! It's like the comics we have now, but they sucked more in some ill-defined way! Seriously, just try to find praise for a major 90's project that isn't something Vertigo or Kurt Busiek being all artsy with Marvels. It's hard going. Taking a dump on major stuff like Kingdom Come is downright trendy.

I don't understand it. The 90's, like every decade of comics, was a mixture of awesome books and total shit books. I won't get into the details of what was good and what wasn't since that varies somewhat by taste, but I defy any real comics fan to be unable to pick a good dozen solid projects from the 90s, and that's just out of the big superhero stuffs. Add in indies and it was an incredible decade that gave us the likes of Bone. Yet among modern fans there is this horrible, nameless embarrassment over almost everything associated with the decade: the new characters, the "modern" updates of things, the art styles, the early uses of computer coloring, the prestige format stuff, even just the fact that it all sold so well.

I've got to wonder, internet: where's the hate coming from?